Grandmothers Campaign Pledge Events - Grandmothers General Pledges 2018
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For the Future of the Children...

With about 29 others I will ride the 275 km from Campbell River to Victoria once again
to focus attention on the continuing struggle of the heroic African Grandmothers who are raising their many grandchildren orphaned by AIDS. After nursing and burying their children, contracting HIV themselves sometimes, they somehow found the strength to grow the food, make the homes, find money for the schools and the emotional guidance to create a future for these traumatized children. In most countries they had no rights, no pensions and no support from family, governments or international agencies.
The Grandmothers Campaign of Stephen Lewis Foundation has been raising money to support grass root organizations of Grandmothers, who banded together to support each other in this daunting task which includes fighting the stigma and false information around AIDS and HIV, and the fight for the right of women to be safe, have a voice, own property and have access to health care. My visit to Grandmothers groups in Ethiopia, Rwanda and South Africa opened my eyes to the enormous gap in Women's Rights legislation in these countries.
Without our continued support the great strides the Grandmothers have made will be lost. There are still far too many new HIV infections, access to medications remains difficult, and young women remain at high risk of sexual and other abuse unless they have protection and access to education and job training. Please join me in supporting their chances for the future and click the donate button! Thank you!