Grandmothers Campaign Pledge Events - Grandmothers General Pledges 2018
Welcome to Kathe's Fundraising Page

Here I am, preparing to ride the 275 km from Campbell River to Victoria on the second weekend in September.  After my injury hiatus last summer and fall, I have rejoined the fabulous women who are riding to support the Stephen Lewis Foundation in Africa toward raising healthy, resilient and educated children.  
Three reasons motivate me to ride:

1. The SLF sends 90% of all money raised to Africa to support the Grandmothers with medicine, food, counselling, tuition for the children's education, housing and income generating activities.
2. The foundation supports hundreds of grassroots initiatives in 15 countries hard hit by the AIDS pandemic.
3. Over the 13 years of SLF, the African grandmothers have gained a voice and economic power. 

** Bonus reason: Cycling is great and healthy for me and the other ladies in the group.

I am asking you—our friends, family and colleagues—to support me to reach my fundraising goal.

To make a donation, please click on the 'Donate Now' button above.  It’s simple, fast and totally secure and will make such a difference to the grandmothers of Africa and the children in their care. A tax receipt will be issued by the SLF for any donation over $20.