Grandmothers Campaign Pledge Events - Grandmothers General Pledges 2018
Welcome to Helen's Fundraising Page

Hello folks - Well here I am again raising funds for sub-Saharan African grandmothers.  Many of you will remember I participated for four years in the annual 275 kms cycle tour on Vancouver Island over three days.  Thanks to you I was able to raise thousands of $'s for the Stephen Lewis Foundation to support African grandmothers.

Since then I have stayed involved with the cycling grandmothers, cycling most Mondays throughout the year (save and except the odd snow day) but I stopped participating in the three day event because I was finding the training was taking time away from other things. 

But the pull to continue to do something is strong.  The grandmothers of Africa are making real strides in addressing the needs of their grandchildren who have been orphaned by AIDS and in doing so are expanding their influence and political powers.  Governments are starting to listen to them. 

For me to stop my support of their efforts now doesn't feel right when the job is not finished.  With political turmoil in many areas of the world with countries swinging to hard isolationism policies, it seems the worst time to stop reaching out to these grandmothers.

So - what to do - the answer was easy - this year my friend Sally (another 275 km ride alumni) and I will provide support to the cyclists over the three days, driving one of three support vehicles.  When time permits we will also take turns unhooking our bikes from the rack on our vehicle and join the cyclists (maybe on the flatter spots) as they wind their way south on the island.

So yup, here I am again with my 'cap in hand' and my 'hand out' asking for your donations to this important effort. I hope you can give me your support.

If you would like to donate, just click on the link below to take you to my fundraising page.  I have left my fundraising drive a little late in the day, as we start the ride in just over a week.

Thanks so much for whatever you can do – every bit helps.

Helen, potter, grandmother and cyclist