Stride To Turn The Tide - Stride To Turn The Tide 2019
Welcome to Wendy's page

The Halton/Peel Virtual Stride team - including my Bronte Grandmothers for Africa - will again take part in Stride to Turn the Tide for the Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign of the Stephen Lewis Foundation.  We will be walking collectively, and virtually, from April 1stto June 1st.  This year, our team will again be travelling across Canada.  Watch our team page to follow how we are doing.

    I have walked more than 22000 steps this first week, and this by someone who would much rather be lying on her couch!  

    And I am proud to stride in solidarity with our African sisters - the grandmothers who walk every day - to harvest their crops, to collect water, to take and pick up their grandchildren from school, to comfort the ill and isolated, to speak at property tribunals to take back their land. African grandmothers are now recognized as agents of change in their communities. And now they are being forced to face droughts and disasters caused by climate change.  They are our inspiration.  

     I ask you – my friends, my family to sponsor me. Please click on the 'Donate Now' button above the thermometer. It’s simple, fast and totally secure. Every dollar will make a difference to the Grandmothers of Africa and the children in their care. 

     Thank you for your generosity!